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Achim Becker

My personal dream is to walk at some point my way in the Senegal free from plastic waste. And providing people with means to building up something new on their own.


During my first stay in the Senegal in spring 2019, it was one image burned in my brain: In Kaffrine I went daily from my hotel to the fields of an organic farm of a friend. This way was lined with an unbelievable amount of plastic waste. And animals eating their way through the waste and later serving humans as food.

This sight touched me deep inside and never let go again. I quickly realized that I had to do something about it.

I worked for more than 25 years at a large German software company (SAP). This company took very well care of its employees. I consulted customers and worked in the R&D department in product management. I learned a lot there about how products are being developed, how to bring them to market and how to identify the right target groups of customers. I could also learn a lot about the specifics of startups and know first hand, how to go about this and how to learn from practical experience.

For a couple of years I had been thinking that at some point "I wanted to give something back to society". A letter of our goddaughter Awa from the Senegal, which we have through the NGO "Plan International", eventually was the trigger to really becoming active. I read a lot about the Senegal. But books and internet sources were not sufficient. I soon realized that I had to be on site to be able to decide what I wanted to do. Hence I left for the Senegal in spring 2019 for the first time in order to get to know the country and the people. In these three and a half weeks I got to know incredible quickly so many new people. And found new friends. They have allowed for a soft landing in a culture which was new to me. Thank you, Cheikh, Chris and Tapha! I could also visit our goddaughter and it was an overwhelming experience.

Besides the contacts, connections and friendships, there was this other image burned in my brain: the mountains of plastic waste along my way. And this is exactly what I want to change with "Aventurin Waste".

One day, I will walk the way from my room at Tapha to the fields of Chris without all of this waste!

I will leverage on the one hand my experience and knowledge in the area of product management to be succesful with Aventurin Waste. On the other hand I will teach this knowledge to other people, who want to build up something new. Or just turn their ideas under constrained budgets into sustainably working solutions. Aventurin Consulting is my way of doing this. Two sides of the same coin - Aventurin One...

Sabine Geith

My personal dream already came true a few years ago: I live as a free person in a country in which I can develop freely and shape my life in prosperity and health.


This was not always the case. I was born in a dictatorship in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). We could not tell our political opinion, not chose the desired profession and not travel to other countries. This experience has shaped me quite a lot.


I was lucky: When I was young, the wall fell and I still had my whole life in front of me. I'm very much aware since then, that not all people are blessed with this. It very much depends on where in the world you're born, whether you will be able to live a life that is humane, self determined and lucky.

I could catch up with my university entrance diploma and studied history of art, archeology and egyptology and management of culture and non-profit organisations. In more than twenty years of work in the culture and non-profit area I learned to inspire, to develop from great ideas also under difficult conditions succesful projects and make the impossible possible.

I want to pass on this luck to other people. Also the people on the countryside in the Senegal cannot escape from their spiral of hard every day life. „Aventurin Waste“ shall change something about this. We want to especially give young women work for which they will get fair payment, which will give them perspectives and free space for a better life. We want to solve the massive plastic waste problem, which burdens nature and endangers healthy life for humans and animalsir for future generations.

I want to help with "Aventurin Waste“, that people in the Senegal can have a self-determined life in a country free from plastic waste. I think that, if people can peacefully tear down a wall, then they can also solve the plastic waste problem in the Senegal together!

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