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From Problem Worth To Solve Under Constrained Resources To Sustainable Solution

Aventurin Consulting

In a Nutshell

You have ideas? They might even be problems worth to solve? You have constrained resources and budgets? You need sustainable solutions?

Your organzation is on its way to digitization?


The way to get there might be difficult and foggy ...

There's a set of proven approaches and methodologies which help you mastering this journey along its phases.

We offer individually customized coaching and training based on 25+ years of experience. 

In a nutshell

Which problems do you solve


You're a CIO and need to ensure that your budget and capacity is leveraged best for adding value to the organizations of your overall company in marketing, sales, service, human resource, ...?

You're a startup and need to spend the available funding wisely on most promising approaches and pivot quickly?

You're creating a "Social Business" and want to make sure your way of solving a problem of the society is most efficient?

You're the CEO of a midsize to large company and need to ensure that you keep innovating to staying relevant in the market?

Government and NGO

You're responsible in a government organization to drive more innovation in your region with a given budget?

You're responsible in an NGO for spending the collected donations in the most promising projects?

You're responsible in a cultural or church organization for a budget and want to ensure your projects will be most impactful?

We offer indivudually customized training and coaching based on 25+ years of experience. 

Problem to solve

WHy can you help me

Aventurin Consulting is run by Achim Becker, who has 25+ years of experience in building software products and in consulting customers. Achim has worked at SAP in the last 15 years until 2019 in agile and innovative environments and learned, applied and developed methodologies for ensuring success in an activity. This has covered product managment aspects as you would expect it in an innovative, global and growing company, but also including new "corporate startup" approaches for driving innovation within a large corporation across all phases of the innovation journey. Before this Achim was consulting customers mostly across Europe in implementing the acquired software products and managing large projects.

Achim is at the same time building up a new startup himself with Aventurin Waste, where he's applying all the learned methodologies and experiences to the success of this. Aventurin Waste is a "social business", which builds up a value chain for plastic waste in the Senegal by transforming it back into energy raw material. A social business acts like every other business only that it doesn't maximize profit, but every financial surplus is used to solving more of the problem being addressed.

Why can you help

what do you offer

We offer individually customized coaching and specific trainings along all innovation phases in English and German. This can be training courses of e.g. 1, 2 or 3 days which can be held onsite for your team. The courses can be combined with a coaching phase. Courses can be offered customer specific (i.e. only employees of the customer will attend) or as a standardized offering with seats open for everyone (scheduling will be announced).

These coachings and trainings cover the whole value flow 

  • from the first idea through field research and

  • identifying which is a problem worth to solve 

  • to a plan that works with continuous pivoting

  • and taking it to the right market the right way.

Your team will learn along the innovation and product creation phases how methodologies work and how they can be complementing each other, e.g.

  • Lean Canvas

  • Test Cards

  • Value Flow Diagram

  • Hypotheses testing and risk management

  • Product Vision and User Story Mapping

  • Planning Poker

  • Kano Classification

  • Creativity methodologies

What do you offer
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