Establishing A Value Chain For Plastic Waste

Aventurin Waste

In a Nutshell

We want to establish a value chain in the politically stable Senegal, which will get the plastic waste under control in a sustainable and successful way.

We engage to ensure that plastic waste is recycled and transformed back to oil to enable the circular economy. The young generation will be enabled by environmental education to use recyclable material.

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What is it for

"Aventurin Waste" will establish as "Social Business" in the politically stable Senegal a new value chain for plastic waste. The company is acting based on sustainable principles (economic, environmental, social). 

Starting Point

The Senegal produced in 2018 about 190.000 tons of plastic waste - without importing from other countries. At the same time there’s no sufficient waste management for the citizens. As a consequence this plastic waste is either being recycled classically by private companies in limited quantity (8.000 tons in 2018, i.e. < 5%) or to the biggest part wildly “disposed”, because the people do not have a real alternative.

Our Vision

We will operate successfully a first facility, which transforms plastic waste back into oil to enable the circular economy mainly through using technology from the Biofabrik. Substituting exploitation of natural resources. The produced raw material will be sold and thus revenue generated. This revenue will be used to cover the cost of the facility like acquisition, operation, staff, infrastructure, ..., so that the company pays for itself.

We will pay waste collectors a fair price for the plastic waste. We will offer all employees of Aventurin Waste a fair workplace - also and especially women.

We work with other market players in partnership, who e.g. will classicaly recycle or dispose waste, be it plastic, paper or organic with the purpose of getting the waste in the Senegal under control. 

We support from our surplus also environmental education for dealing with waste. In this we especially focus on children in order to positively influence already the next generation while learning their habits. Learning instead of unlearning.


WhY CAN it work

The plastic waste is transformed back into oil with the pyrolysis methodology, i.e. heating, gasifying and condensing of the plastic waste to the exclusion of  oxygen. The new raw material can be sold on the market. Through this Aventurin Waste is in the position to pay the people working in the company as well as the plastic waste collectors.

We work together with the company Biofabrik from Dresden, Germany, who has brought an engine over the last couple of years to series-production readiness. It is highly automated and is processing reliably 24/7 the plastic waste. We will start operating in the first step a small facility of 1 ton per day in the Senegal. We will optimize operation with the support of Biofabrik along the conditions of the Senegal.

With the experiences which Achim made around developing new products and successfully bringing them to market during his professional life at SAP, there's plenty of management experience available including the methodology knowledge for successfully establishing the company and product in the Senegal.


Let's work together

We want to talk to you and bundle our forces, so that we can solve more of the challenges together. Let us bring our ideas together and achieve more as a team.

Supporters and Partner-in-Crime reach out to us!

Other companies and market players, who also process plastic waste, be it into new plastic products or also other innovative approaches:

  • The raw material will not be scarce. There's plenty of plastic waste in the Senegal (numbers from 2018: about 190.000 tons per year and growing) of which only a fraction (about 8.000 tons) are being recycled.

  • The resulting product of Aventurin Waste is not in competition with e.g. plastic recycling products. 

  • We're interested in your experiences!

Companies worldwide, who are aware of their social responsibility and want to contribute.

  • Support us financially or through specific knowledge, which can be contributed by "time budgets" of your employees.

  • Let us market the idea together and by this foster the economic sustainability.

Government of the Senegal / European Community / Germany

  • Let us create fair and sustainable workplaces together, which give people a perspective and allow them to earn a living for their families. These workplaces do not need to be continuously financed.

  • Lets jointly advance environment and address a core problem of our time. With this we also show other countries and regions ways to a solution.

  • Let us improve the wealth in the country and by this perspective for people.

Companies of tourist industry (hotels, ...)

  • We increase attractiveness of the Senegal for tourist.

  • Team up with us for a Senegal with less plastic waste. This is beneficial for everybody!

Meet The Team


Achim Becker

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Aventurin Waste


Sabine Geith

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Funding Management and Public Relations
Aventurin Waste


Energy Raw material and circular economy

Let us start with a clear position: Best would be not to produce any plastic waste at all. No doubt! Reality sadly is, that it will likely still take a while until we can achieve this goal with joined forces. And sadly there’s already now an incredible amount of plastic waste on our planet. And we need to act on it! All together!

We cannot wait until the plastic waste problem will magically disappear. Because it will not - waiting and doing nothing is not an option!

We do believe that it will not be one single idea or technology which will solve the bigger problem. It will be a mix of answers, which will complement each other.

  • The basic approach must be to produce less plastic waste all together.

  • The plastic waste that is already there or which is still being added over the coming years, needs to be better recycled with different approaches:

    • The production of “plastic flakes” out of appropriate plastic waste types for creating new plastic products in classic recycling will continue to be a meaningful way.
      (plastic) waste-to-plastic

    • There are projects under way like e.g. in Australia (LINK), which can transform plastic back into its original input material mineral oil. This obviously gives a lot of degrees of freedom in order to again produce an arbitrary form of plastic or something else.
      (plastic) waste-to-origin

    • We at Aventurin Waste transform plastic waste to pyrolysis oil which can become energy raw material.
      (plastic) waste-to-energy

    • Our pyrolysis oil can also be used in a refinery to bring it full swing back into the production process of whatever can be made of crude oil
      circular economy

And all of these approaches need to be continuously optimized in their efficiency, so that the least possible value is lost. We plan e.g. to use solar power at Aventurin Waste, in order to produce more oil from the plastic waste by leveraging renewable energy for the process energy we need for the transformation process.


We do believe that this oil will not too soon be completely replaced by renewable energy. The technologies are under development and some will be there soon and some will take a little longer. For example vessels will likely be fueled by fossil energy like diesel for a longer period of time compared to cars. And presumably there will be regions in the world which are faster than others in adopting the technology change.


We will replace with Aventurin Waste the exploitation of natural resources and at the same time disburden the environment from the plastic waste. And we will prevent the wild burning of plastic waste. This technology would also be suited in our mind to contribute its share on the sea. 

And let us be very clear: We look forward to the point in time when there’s no plastic waste anymore which we can transform. Though we fear that it will still take quite a while until we get there.